Blast from the past: Meringue skirt

Meringue skirt Colette Patterns
Let me just start this out with a deep heartfelt mea culpa: I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I intended/wanted to when I started this little project, but I have a good excuse: the holidays were hectic! Since they are over, I vouch to blog way more regularly. In keeping with that resolution (ooh, what an ugly word!), I have decided to create a new installment: the Blast from the Past posts! These will feature garments I have made in my pre-blogging days: some winners and some wadders. Let's start with a winner: my version of the Colette Meringue skirt.

This is probably one of the most popular patterns from the Colette handbook since it's very straighforward, easy to make, very adaptable and most of all, a quick sew! Once the pattern is transfered, it takes all about 2-3 hours to finish this garment. For people with short-span attention like me, this means instant gratification and a revived sense of motivation to sew. 

My version of Colette Patterns' Meringue skirt
I made this version in august, when the weather was warm, using blue poplin and bemberg for the lining. I didn't use a facing piece and I don't regret it: I think it would have added bulk. I had already made a polka-dot version before, so I new the fit would be good, and I worked hard on getting the scallops smooth and even. I find this is one of those universal patterns that suits most figures (depending on what you pair it with on top). I plan on making loads more of these when spring comes around: it's a great light-weight basic!


  1. The blue, white and red looks super polished!A really cute version of the meringue for sure!

    1. Thanks! I was going for a nautical look for work and liked it!